Anne Sophie & Andrews Denmark Dance Party

“MARTIN D’ARCE produced an unforgettable soundtrack for the entire evening and for many guests, he was the talk of the wedding. By the time he unplugged his headphones at 4:00 am, he’d been at it for nine hours straight. It was a mammoth effort. But this wasn’t a fluke. For six months leading up to the big day, Martin was in constant contact with us. He picked our brains, learned our musical tastes and perfectly tapped into the atmosphere we were trying to create. There’s a reason we flew this guy in from Queens.”

Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark

Venue: @valdemarsslot
Photographer: @shawnconnell with @christianothstudio

Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark Wedding - Picture 1
Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark Wedding - Picture 2Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark Wedding - Picture 3Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark Wedding - Picture 4Valdermars Slot (Castle), Denmark Wedding - Picture 5

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